USH-300L, ( USH300 ) Universal Shoulder Holster (Left)

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USH300L is secured on the left side of your chest, creating a safe hands free work environment, maximum comfort for the user and a safe location for your radio.


Fully adjustable for comfort, one size fits all, can be worn inside or outside most jackets or vests. Three front pouches on holster provides a place to carry pens, AA or AAA flashlight, and a 4 ½" pocket knife. The adjustable radio pouch accommodates a variety of portable two-way radios. Holster is Seat belt friendly, will not hinder or entangle with any seat belts in vehicles, trucks or forklifts.


Low profile design provides an ideal combination for concealment and covert operations. The angle of radio pouch gives the user easy access to radio controls at all times. Antenna keeper eliminates any bulges under garments. Holster is ergonomically designed to conform to your body, male or female.


Key Features:

-Easy adjustments for max. Comfort-
-Simple design for easy operation-
-Antenna keeper eliminates bulging-
-Can be worn inside or outside jackets-
-Seat belt friendly will not hinder or tangle-
-Two rear pouches for pens, flashlight-
-Low profile, ideal for covert & undercover-

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