Pryme Storm Trooper SPM-4247P Heavy Duty Waterproof Speaker Microphone fits Harris MA/com XG-100

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Pryme Storm Trooper SPM-4247 Heavy Duty Waterproof Speaker Microphone fits Harris MA/com XG-100

WATERPROOF "STORM TROOPER" SPM-4200 Series - Advanced Heavy Duty Speaker Microphone. Heavy duty remote speaker microphone, specifically built for public safety use.

The SPM-4247P is a heavy duty remote speaker microphone, specifically built for public use. Engineered to our highest standards of performance and durability, the STORM TROOPER features a noise canceling microphone, high output front-firing speaker, and a high/low switch so that you can easily toggle the volume of received calls.

  • Large speaker microphone
  • Front-firing, high-volume speaker
  • Hi/Low volume toggle switch (6dB range)
  • Rugged, heavy-duty design specifically built for public safety usage
  • Fully submersible - meets IP67 standards!
  • Large tactile switch PTT is easy to use even while wearing gloves
  • Earphone jack for optional listen-only earphone (sold separately)
  • Panic switch available on some models (radio must support external panic)
  • Features a 3.5mm accessory jack for connecting an earphone to the unit (See EH-300, EH1300, EH-1200 Series for Listen Only Earpieces)
  • HYDRA™ (Patent Pending) Radio Connectors are available only on select radio connector models and are molded to provide the very best resistance to elements. Because the wires and electronic components inside of the connector are sealed beneath the hardened thermoplastic shell, the connector is completely waterproof and can be fully immersed.
  • RINO™ Super Rugged Cables are the most durable microphone cable ever. The new RINO™ cable is a rugged, military-grade cable that is engineered to last longer and retain its original shape better than our previous cable. With a tough polymer jacket on the outside and Kevlar® reinforcement inside, this cable extends the lifespan of our audio accessories.

A "P" in the part number indicates that Mic has Panic switch. Operation of Panic switch is dependent on design and programming of the radio used with the Mic.

Fits: Harris XG100

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