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Pryme Bluetooth Lapel Microphone for Kenwood Multi-pin


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The Pryme Blu Bluetooth Lapel Microphone is one of only a couple of Bluetooth Lapel Microphones that delivers a full shift 12+ hour talk time, easy pairing, no connectivity loss, and fully functional PTT.

Other features include front-facing volume control, convenient USB charging port, directional microphone that is sensitive to a whisper, heavy duty clothing clip, and most importantly a strategically placed pairing light behind the microphone.

Enjoy numerous economic benefits as well. Such as, no uniform alterations, no cable fractures, and less overall unit wear and tear. The unit is multi-functional, featuring a replaceable earphone, a rechargeable / replaceable battery. It can be paired with several Bluetooth devices, including Bluetooth compatible mobile phones.

Our kit includes the upgraded acoutstic tube earphone AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! Now how cool is that?

What's included you ask:
  • Pryme Blu Lapel Microphone
  • Clear acoustic tube earphone kit
  • Bluetooth adapter
  • Charger

Works with the following Kenwood radios: NX-200, NX-300, TK-2140, TK-2180, TK-3140, TK-3148, TK-3180, TK-5210, TK-5220, TK-5310, TK-5320, TK-5400 and more. NOTE: Some radios may require reprogramming or modification

NOTE: The BT-511 is compatible only with Kenwood radios with 4-digit model numbers (example: TK-3180). Radios with 3-digit model numbers (example: TK-290) do not provide enough current to the accessory connector to power the Bluetooth Adapter. Some radios can be modified by a qualified technican to provide power by removing a current-limiting resistor.