EP334EC Falcon Easy-Connect Traditional Earhook Lapel Microphone with PTT button and "Easy-Connect" Adapter

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Falcon Easy-Connect Earhook Lapel Microphone with PTT button, "Easy-Connect" Adapter with guide arrows, and traditional earhook. 

The Falcon Lapel Microphone is a lightweight directional microphone that has been designed to attach securely by a soft ear hook. The ear hook may be worn comfortably for hours. The Falcon unit can easily be worn under a shirt which allows the user to keep their immediate area free of wires. The speaker rotates to affix to either ear and moves up and down for a custom fit.

Finally, a solution to radio connectivity! The Falcon Lapel Microphone delivers the Easy-Connect system with Guide Arrows for many radio makes and models. The new design features 2 Guide Arrows: One is located on the strain relief cable connector portion of your Owl EC Lapel Microphone and the other is located on the EC Easy-Connect adapter. This new upgrade ensures that radio connection is immediate and secure.


MOTOROLA APX1000, APX2000, APX3000, APX4000, APX6000, APX6000XE, APX7000, APX7000L, APX7000SE, APX7000XE, APX8000, XPR6100, XPR6300, XPR6350, XPR6500, XPR6550, XPR6580, XPR7350, XPR7380, XPR7550, XPR7580, DGP4150, DGP5050, DGP6150, DGP8050, DGP8550, SRX2000

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