PM27RR Patrol Mic Lapel Microphone fits Harris MA/Com


Patrol Mic Kit: Complete Patrol Mic and Patrol Earpiece kit.

Specifically designed and manufactured for Law Enforcement Officials. The Patrol Series platform creates situational awareness and control with all elements being above industry spec. The series is characterized by ever increasing quality standards. Do not be fooled by dual purpose/dual industry communication kits. Patrol Series products operate on a single standard, Public Safety.

Patrol Mic Kit includes the following:

Patrol Mic:
Law enforcement design, Rubberized PTT button, Water resistant coating, 360 degree rotating clip, Heavy duty Polycarbonate casing

Patrol Earpiece:
Cable lock transducer, 360 degree rotating clip, Customizable Hypoallergenic clear acoustic tube

Rapid Release Adapter:
Heavy duty Polycarbonate casing, PTT button on most models*, Universal compatibility with all Rapid Release kits

Left & Right Medium Ear Molds:
Ambient noise flow design, Hypoallergenic

Large & Small Ear Buds:
Soft medical grade Silicone, Suppresses ambient noise

Benefits: Made completely with Hypoallergenic materials, No radio programming required, Will not disable Emergency Button, Includes all needed parts, Free Extended Warranty, Free Technical Support, Kevlar reinforced Polyurethane cabling, Anti-fray coating, Replaces bulky speaker microphone.

Additional Information:
Length: 34” of straight cable from RR connector to Patrol Mic. 16” total cable (3” coiled) from Patrol Mic to Patrol Earpiece transducer.
Rapid Release Features/Benefits: Quickly untether from radio, automatically switches to radio stand-alone mode, convertible to many radios

PM-27RR: Patrol Mic/Earpiece & 27RR-Rapid Release adapter w/ PTT - L&R Med. Ear Molds & 2 Buds Included.

Compatible with: Harris MA/Com Jaguar 700P, P5100, P5130, P7100, P7130, P7150, P7170 

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