BT-PTT-ZU New Wireless PTT Switch

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BT-PTT-ZU NEW Wireless PTT switch for PTT apps. No charging required. Available in 3 different packages.

Small, wireless PTT switch works with ZELLO and WAVE PTT Apps using LE (Low Energy) technology
The PT-PTT-ZU MINI PTT allows you activate ZELLO or WAVE's push-to-talk function wirelessly. All versions of the BT-PTT-ZU can be held in the hand, the FOB version has a loop for key rings (or can be mounted on flat surfaces using, not included, double side tape). The RING version is usually worn on your finger (but could be used on similar size objects), and the VELCRO version has an adjustable strap which is great for handlebars, gear shifts, steering wheels, etc. NO CHARGING REQUIRED!  Using Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BTLE) the BT-PTT-Z works for up to 2 years on easy to change CR2032 coin cell battery (included).

  • Allows you to activate the ZELLO or WAVE push-to-talk function wirelessly (Sorry for ZELLO the BT-PTT-Z works only on Apple devices at this time) .
  • AUTOMATICALLY pairs quickly and easily (after selection in the APP's device settings)
  • Remembers the paired connection even if you have to replace the battery.
  • Operates for up to 2 years on a single, easy to change CR2032 coin cell battery.
  • Available in one of three new package types, FOB, VELCRO or RING.
  • NO CHARGER NEEDED!  Simply unscrew 4 small screws to easily change the CR2032 coin cell.
  • Includes 1 CR2032 coin cell battery (already installed, just turn on power switch when ready to use).
    Just turn unit on, open the ZELLO or WAVE application, find the PTT in the device settings, select and your ready to go!  If you already have used one of our other BT-PTT switches on your phone or tablet this new switch should work automatically!

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