Semi Custom Flexible Open Ear Insert - Black

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Semi-Custom Flexible Open Ear Insert - Black (Semi Custom Ear Mold) for earphone kits and surveillance kits.

Open Ear Inserts (Earmolds) are designed for use on 2-way radio acoustic tube style surveillance earpieces, listen only earpieces and lapel mics.

Earmolds do not block the ear canal and are more comfortable than standard mushroom eartips when working extended shifts. Instead of blocking the ear, earmolds allow for ambient sound to enter. The result is that users are able to copy radio traffic and still their surroundings at the same time. This creates a higher level of situational awareness and increases safety for the officer, agent or soldier. Worn by thousands of LEOs and Military around the world, earmolds have become a standard for those who operate in law enforcement and/or tactical environments.

Earmolds are compatible with all brands of radio earpieces: Motorola, Kenwood, EF Johnson, Harris, M/A-Com, Vertex, Tait, HYT, Hytera, Icom, OTTO, Klein, RocketScience, OEM 2-Way, Impact, ARC, Pryme, Tactical Ear Gadgets, TAPaulk, Hawk Lapel Mics, and Code Red Headsets more. Commonly worn by Special Operators, Military, LEO, SWAT, TAC Teams

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